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For more than two decades,
Polar Wire has exclusively manufactured and offered our premier wire and cable product lines, Arctic Ultraflex Blue® and Arctic Superflex Blue®.

Our revolutionary flexible wire combines finely stranded copper construction with a jacket material designed to withstand the abuses of oil, gasoline, sunlight, salt water, acids, and chemicals. Customers have subjected Arctic Ultraflex Blue® and Arctic Superflex Blue® wire to the punishing Alaska environment and proven time after time that even in extreme temperature ranges of -55°C to 105°C, this wire works!

Polar Wire Products, Inc. is a wholesale supplier of other wire styles and configurations as well. We carry solderless terminals, compression and mechanical lugs, heat shrink and other wiring control products and tools. Our website and catalogs make it easy to order any of the thousands of quality products stocked in our warehouse.

The caliber of the products we sell is evident in the standards by which they are manufactured. All applicable products are covered by these and other approvals:

  • UL symbol Underwriter's Laboratories,
    Incorporated (UL)
  • CSA symbolCanadian Standards Association (CSA and CAMESA)
  • United States Federal Government Military Specification Approvals

Polar Wire Products Catalog
 Shop for Arctic Ultraflex Blue Wire and Cable at Polar Wire Products

Arctic Ultraflex Blue®

Premier Arctic Grade Single Conductor Wire, Power Cord, Twin and Multi-conductor Trailer Cable, Extension Cords

Shop for Wire and Cable at Polar Wire Products

Wire and Cable

Multi Listed Flexible Wire, Boat Cable, Direct Burial Wire

Shop for  Solderless Industrial Connectors at Polar Wire Products

Solderless Industrial Connectors

Power Connectors, Power Poles, AC and DC Connectors, Plugs and Receptacles, Power Inlets and Covers

Find Wire Fittings at Polar Wire Products

Wire Fittings

Ferrules, Connectors, Terminals, Splices, Quick Disconnects, PermaSeal, Weatherpack

Wiring, cables,

Solar/Renewable BOS

Inverter wiring, ground and panel interconnect cables, Liquidtight conduit and fittings, cord grip, fuses and holders, and more

Shop for Arctic Superflex Blue Double Conductor Bulk Cable and Booster Cable Systems at Polar Wire Products

Arctic Superflex Blue®

Double Conductor Bulk Cable, Custom and Prebuilt Clamp and Harness Jumper/Booster Cable Systems, Booster Cable Clamps

Shop for Heat Shrink at Polar Wire Products

Heat Shrink

Heat Shrink Tubing, Repair Sleeves, End Caps

Shop for  Mechanical Industrial Connectors at Polar Wire Products

Mechanical Industrial Connectors

Aluminum and Copper Mechanical Lugs, Copper Split Bolts, Multi-Tap Connectors, Power Distribution Blocks

Shop for Wiring Tools and Accessories at Polar Wire Products

Tools and Accessories

Hydraulic Compressors, Crimpers, Cutters, Strippers, Heat Tools, Solder, Storage Cases

Shop for Polar Wire Products' Service Kits

Service Kits

Assortments of commonly needed small parts for a wide variety of applications, accessibly packaged in refillable drawer satchels

 Shop for Polar Wire Products' Custom and Prebuilt Cables

Custom and Prebuilt Cables

Our most popular cable and fitting combinations ready to use, or made to order. Prebuilt Battery, Eye to Eye, and Golf Cart Cables

Shop for Circuit Protection Products at Polar Wire

Circuit Protection

Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Fuse Panels, Blocks, Block Holders

Shop for Battery Cable Fittings at Polar Wire Products

Battery Cable Fittings

Heavy Duty Eyelet Lugs and Splices, Power Lugs and Splices, Solderless Terminals, Marine Terminals, Accessories, Battery Terminal Covers

Find Wire Management solutions at Polar Wire Products

Wire Management

Cable Ties, Clamps, Bases, Loom, Sleeving, Conduit, Grommets, Bushings, Tape, Sealant

Shop for CorrosionX Corrosion Control Products at Polar Wire

Corrosion Control

CorrosionX®, CorrosionX® Heavy Duty, RejeX®, ReelX®

About Polar Wire Products

We are a wholesale supplier of wire, cables, solderless terminals, and wiring control products, in business for over 30 years. Our premier product line is Arctic Ultraflex Blue® and Arctic Superflex Blue® wire, a revolutionary wire rated for and proven in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.

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Polar Wire sells to the general public, as well as on a wholesale basis to government agencies, OEM's, stock distributors, and fleet accounts. If you believe your firm qualifies for wholesale purchasing, please call us for assistance. Authorized distributors are located through the country and we will work with them to facilitate your ability to purchase at competitive pricing.

We supply wire, cables, wire terminals, and wiring control products. Aircraft quality at wholesale automotive prices.

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