Arctic Superflex Blue® Booster Cable Systems

Polar Wire's stock and custom jumper cables are made with Arctic Superflex Blue double conductor cable

We make our custom and stock Booster Cable Systems exclusively with our Arctic Superflex Blue® fine stranded 100% copper double conductor cable for unmatched performance and durability. Our systems are ideal for automotive, fleet or service applications and will perform powerfully in even the most extreme environments.

Polar Wire Product's Harness to Clamp Jumper Cable Configuration

Solid copper, easily replaceable 400 and 800 amp Cable Clamps are continuous duty rated. Dual Wall heat shrink applied at the connection adds additional strain relief and corrosion resistance.

Polar Wire Product's Harness to Harness Jumper Cable Configuration Power Connector cutaway view

Harness-configured cable systems are fitted with Power Connectors featuring (A) single-piece housings of impact-resistant Polycarbonate Lexan® for high physical and dielectrical strength and superior tolerance to extreme cold or heat, (B) quality tempered 301 stainless steel connector springs that maintain constant pressure to the contacts and resist vibration arcing, (C) a unique ramplock action which allows the solid copper, 99.9%-pure-silver-plated contacts to be easily mated yet securely locked in position when the housings are connected, and (D) contacts securely crimped to cables and heat shrink applied for corrosion resistance.

Polar Wire Products, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of
Arctic Superflex Blue® Booster Cable Systems

  • Ideal for all automotive, fleet or service applications
  • Class K fine stranded dual conductors are 100% COPPER—Absolutely NO ALUMINUM!
  • Proven in extreme temperature ranges of -67°F to 221°F (-55°C to 105°C)
  • Resistant to the abuses of oil, gasoline, salt water, acids and chemicals
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Can be used in most 600 volt applications
  • Cables are built using UL/CSA listed or recognized components and processes
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA


Available in 4, 2 and 1/0 AWG and in convenient cable lengths of 16', 20', 25', and 4' pigtail


  • For most auto and marine uses
  • Cars, pickups, diesels, and marine engines

  • For heavy equipment
  • Trucks, tractors, light planes, most commercial applications

1/0 and 3/0 AWG
  • For extreme duty requirements
  • Earth moving equipment, aircraft, extended distances

8 AWG configurations available for light duty applications

  • Clamp to Clamp
    Provides high mobility and versatility
  • Harness to Clamp
    Ideal for utility vehicles
  • Harness to Harness
    For all fleet vehicles

Custom configurations and lengths available
RoHS Compliant, Made in the USA

About Polar Wire Products

We are a wholesale supplier of wire, cables, solderless terminals, and wiring control products, in business for over 30 years. Our premier product line is Arctic Ultraflex Blue® and Arctic Superflex Blue® wire, a revolutionary wire rated for and proven in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.

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Polar Wire sells to the general public, as well as on a wholesale basis to government agencies, OEM's, stock distributors, and fleet accounts. If you believe your firm qualifies for wholesale purchasing, please call us for assistance. Authorized distributors are located through the country and we will work with them to facilitate your ability to purchase at competitive pricing.

We supply wire, cables, wire terminals, and wiring control products. Aircraft quality at wholesale automotive prices.

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