Alternative Energy Systems Balance of System Components

Solar Panels and renewable energy systems are a vital source of power at many Alaska Lodges

Polar Wire supplies wire and cable, prebuilt cables, and other components needed for alternative energy systemsOwned and operated in Alaska since 1992, Polar Wire Products has established itself worldwide as the premiere manufacturer of arctic-grade wire, electrical equipment, and wire management products used extensively in alternative energy systems.

Polar Wire supplies balance-of-system (BOS) materials needed for alternative energy systems, such as code compliant (THHW) cable, RHH/Use-2 photovoltaic cable, tray cable, battery and solar panel interconnection cables, inverter cables, and ground cables, as well as cable glands and conduit, heat shrink, lugs and splices, battery boot covers, and corrosion protection products.

Arctic Ultraflex Blue Single Conductor Wire completes this cold-weather wind turbineThese components form the basic infrastructure required for a successful system. PV panels, turbines, inverters, batteries, generators, etc., are only as reliable and efficient as the materials linking them together. Our components have been tried and proven to work in the harsh Alaskan environment.

Please visit Renewable Energy Systems for all of your alternative energy requirements. They specialize in reliable, economical, and complete turn-key standalone, hybrid, and grid tie power systems.

Polar Wire Products, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer
of Arctic Ultraflex Blue® Wire and Cable

BOS Wire and cable
BOS Prebuilt Cables
Protective Components
  • LiquidTight® cable glands
    and conduit
  • Heat shrink
  • Battery terminal covers
  • CorrosionX® corrosion inhibitor and related products

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About Polar Wire Products

We are a wholesale supplier of wire, cables, solderless terminals, and wiring control products, in business for over 30 years. Our premier product line is Arctic Ultraflex Blue® and Arctic Superflex Blue® wire, a revolutionary wire rated for and proven in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.

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Polar Wire sells to the general public, as well as on a wholesale basis to government agencies, OEM's, stock distributors, and fleet accounts. If you believe your firm qualifies for wholesale purchasing, please call us for assistance. Authorized distributors are located through the country and we will work with them to facilitate your ability to purchase at competitive pricing.

We supply wire, cables, wire terminals, and wiring control products. Aircraft quality at wholesale automotive prices.

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